Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Knitting 2014

For Christmas in 2014 we started a new extending family tradition of drawing names so that we only needed to get a gift for one person. I got my June cousin who loves The Oregon Ducks. So I made him an Oregon Ducks "O" blanket. 

I began looking online for a preexisting pattern, but i couldn't find any that fit the picture in my head so I made up my own. 

The main body of the blanket is Stockinette stitch with a boarder of Seed Stitch. I put the "O"s on using Duplicate Stitch.

As you can see in the pictures the placement of the "O"s didn't make it exactly perfect, but I think it adds character to the blanket. I like how it turned out. My Cousin seemed to like it too, at least from what I could tell.

The placement of the "O"s
Dup Stitching the "O"s
The Finished Blanket

The Finished Blanket

The Finished Blanket

The Finished Blanket

My Cat claiming the blanket as her own

Still claiming it

Saying it is still hers

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