Monday, June 16, 2014

Birthdays February - June 2014

Okay so here are the Things I've made so far this year. Starting with February and ending with June.

First a Bear Hot Pad for Grandpa. It turned out okay, but the pattern needs a little work.

Second, a Sashay scarf for my February Cousin. These are pretty easy to whip out.

Third, a Headband for my March Niece. Her favorite colors are Blue, Silver, and Gold.

Fourth, another Sashay scarf for my March Cousin.

Fifth, a Dishcloth for my Grandma. She however is using it as a place mat.

Sixth, an Oregon Ducks Logo Hot Pad for my June Cousin. He liked it a lot. I was very happy when he said the "O" looked Perfect, because I made-up the pattern myself and was worried about it.

Seventh, a Hot Pad for my June Aunt. She however is going to use it as a place mat for a Vase.

Eighth, a Tie for my Dad. I made the tie in Moss Stitch. It curled a little, I think I need to starch it, but I'm not sure. I guess I'll have to look it up.

Monday, February 10, 2014

December Knitting

Hey, I'm finally posting the things I made in December.

In early December my Cousin's had their second child, a little boy. So I made a Garter stitch baby blanket, and I decided to be a little Crazy  and Embroider his name on a piece of ribbon and attach it to the corner of the blanket. The only picture I have is before I attached the ribbon to the blanket.

My Mom's birthday was also in early December and I made her one of those knitted head bands that are picking up in popularity. I knit the head band with a Garter stitch border and a stockinette center. I then lined the inside of the head band with fleece.